Deserted No More

31 Days on Delight

People will not call you Deserted anymore. They will no longer name your land Empty. Instead, you will be called One the Lord Delights In. Your land will be named Married One. That’s because the Lord will take delight in you. And your land will be married.  Isaiah 62:4

The Prophet Isaiah begins in Chapter 61 telling the Israelites of “The Year of the Lord’s Favor” where he explains beauty will come from ashes (Isaiah 61:3). In this year of the Lord’s favor, the deserted will be called One the Lord Delights In (Hephzibah). defines Hephzibah as “a name applied to Jerusalem, possibly as denoting its prophesied restoration to the Jews after the Captivity.”

It makes sense to me that someone in captivity would be viewed as deserted. But Isaiah chapters 40-66 are a foretelling of Jesus. The Israelites would stay captive to the old law and the need to sacrifice animals for atonement until Jesus’ death and resurrection. At that time a new name would be given, Hephzibah.

And I will be full of joy because of Jerusalem. I will take delight in my people. Weeping and crying will not be heard there anymore. Isaiah 65:19

As Isaiah continues the prophecy, it’s hard to imagine that he’s speaking of life on earth. Weeping and crying will not be heard anymore would indicate that God is speaking of taking delight in his people in heaven. And although heaven is appealing. It feels almost like an expectation that heaven would be a place where God would delight in me.

Heaven is explained by Jesus as paradise (Luke 23:43). How easy to have a longing fulfilled in paradise! This is an awesome promise to cling to, but for the purposes of this exercise, it doesn’t answer my longing to have God delight in me now.

So far we’ve explored that delight can be exchanged for the word favor and seen as a time when God is pleased.

  • Delight follows obedience
  • Delight is offered from inward and an outward obedience
  • Delight is present in heaven