The Discipline of Wiping Away Your Dirt

discipline of wiping away dirt

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table today. Here’s a preview:

Our back deck has a white vinyl railing around the perimeter. It’s a nice contrast to the brown decking, but as you may already know, vinyl easily attracts dirt. My spring-cleaning chores include wiping away grime that collects on the railing over the winter months.

The first year I attempted this task, I pulled out anti-bacterial wipes and was pleased to see that in less than an hour, our railing was sparkling. Satisfied with my work, I went inside to wash up and go on with my day. Later that week, I noticed the railing was already losing its sparkle.

No worries, I thought to myself as I grabbed the wipes again. As I set to work, my frustration grew. The problem wasn’t just a few spots where I’d missed the grime the first time; the whole railing had a faint hue of green.

As I continued cleaning, determined to have white railings, I realized I’d originally cleaned off only the surface of the grime. Several layers of it had piled on top of each other over the winter season. Wiping away the top layer of grime only revealed the next layer. This is a perfect metaphor for how sin can be layered in our hearts as well.

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