Elijah Turns 10

Dear Elijah,

Today you turn 10.  I can hardly believe it has been 10 years since we met you for the first time.  It’s hard to remember all the details of the 3 days I was in labor.  Yes, you read that buddy, 3.DAYS.  But the picture below is actually hard to forget.

Elijah in the hospital

You had a rough start, Bud.  Watching you in this isolette was one of the most challenging experiences your daddy, and I had to do.  A wise woman told me to take a picture of you so that one day I could pull it out and remind you of how strong you were even in your first weeks of life.  I wish we could show here today how right she was, but that will have to wait for heaven.

 Elijah 3 weeks old

You are about a month old here.  We had barely gotten home from the hospital.  I can’t help but chuckle at this picture and think wow do we look young, and wow do we look tired.  🙂  This is one of the rare paci free pictures from the next 2.5 years or so.  A decision made for me by the nurses, but a good one I think.  You were an excellent baby, and in the last 10 years, that really hasn’t changed.

 Elijah 3 months oldY

You may be surprised to learn this picture is from your first July/August.  By 3 months you had pretty much removed any lingering fears we may have had about your rough start.

The last 10 years Elijah you have been such a delight to your dad and me. You have such a tender heart.  We love seeing your love for people and for Jesus.  You are smart too.  It’s fun to watch you starting to catch on to different jokes and mind-blowing to watch you do math in your head.  Over the last 10 years as you have been growing up you have also taught your dad and me along the way.  I remember when you used your first sign language signs correctly.  You were so proud to tell us you were “all done” eating.  I was so sure you were still hungry, but you weren’t.  You have also taught us a lot about God.  Parenting you allowed us to see scriptures differently.  Your child-like faith has forced us to ponder questions differently.  I’ll never forget the most impactful lesson I learned through you.  You were frustrated about something and acting out.  As we spoke about it, I was able to tell you exactly why you were feeling and to tell you to make different choices.  You looked up at me surprised I had figured out your plot to retaliate and asked me how I had known what you were planning.  I smiled and said I knew because I know you, Elijah.  I created you bud, you are mine, and you are so much like me it’s scary sometimes.  I know what you think because you are mine.  And as those words came out of my mouth the realization sunk in that as well as I knew and loved you, God knew and loved you more.

The next 10 years will fly by likely even faster than the first 10.  Our prayers for you include:

You will have a deepening hunger to pursue a relationship with Jesus.

God will protect you as you become more independent and also healthy wise.

We pray that you will continue to become a tender-hearted warrior who fiercely loves and will protect your family, God, and yourself.

We pray God will guide your decisions both morally and in life as you choose friends, college, and a career path.  Right now you say you will be a teacher.  I see a lot of qualities developing that will make you a great one. 10 years old, almost as tall as me.Elijah age 10

PS…you were pretty proud of your football poses. Elijah at 2.5