Family Vacation

Confession Time, my kids will never have perfect attendance in school.  Whether it’s due to sickness, moving mid-year, or most likely being pulled out early to travel to a football game, my kids will miss days of school.  This isn’t because we don’t value education…my husband wouldn’t have a job if not for higher ed!  It’s because above education we value family time.

Coaches don’t get all the breaks that other families get.  Thanksgiving and Christmas break are consumed with recruiting, spring break is consumed with spring ball practice and summer (this year) is consumed with hiring new staff.  All that to say, this weekend we will take our kids out for 2 days and head to the beach.  We will introduce our kids to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and we will savor every moment, including the car ride.  Yes, it’s close to the end of the school year, yes, my kids will do homework in the car, yes they will miss more school, and ya know what, they will remember the weekend with smiles…that’s what’s most important!