FAQ: Writing a Book

In honor of Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month, I’m updating my post on the most frequently asked questions about writing and publishing a book. If you didn’t catch my podcast episode Publishing Secrets with Coach Tam I highly encourage you to do so!

Here is the FAQs on Writing a Book I Answer

I know you may think I touched on this above, but for this section, I’m going to focus specifically on my book. I’ll admit marketing, in general, is a space where my day job was a huge benefit. I am deeply grateful for the SMA Marketing team. Ariel, our former graphic designer, designed my book cover. Ariel has since passed away. Bridget, our Website Ops Lead, helped me create my landing page and helped me redesign my website. Ryan, the best boss ever, gave me every Friday off for months. He allowed me to flex my hours and work long days four days a week so that I could dedicate Fridays to writing and still have some sort of family life. He also was the first to make sure that my website was optimized for my target audience years ago when I started this project.

I have now released two books myself and worked behind the scenes on the marketing side for an author helping launch their book. I started asking my author friends some specific questions and realized that there are some significant gaps in knowledge about marketing expectations. When I shared the gap in the knowledge it was Ryan who agreed we needed to create Simplified Digital Marketing for authors and small business owners.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Your Calling?

One of the offers I developed for my first book is The Understanding Your Calling 7 Step Actionable Study. It is designed to help you focus on identifying and clarifying your calling with steps that will allow for bible study, internal processing, self-reflecting, honest conversation, and even more prayer. It’s available for free as a download and as an appendix in the back of my book. If you’re interested you can start by taking this short Thrive in Your Calling Quiz to start clarifying your calling and living on mission today.

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As the wife of a football coach, Beth Walker encourages women whose families are in the public eye to pursue their own callings even as they support their husbands’ careers and ministries. Through her own personal stories as well as interviews with other women who are also living just outside their husbands’ limelight, Beth shows it’s possible to do both.

Original publication date August 18, 2020. Updated September 10, 2021.

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