Father’s Day Gifts for Your Coach

Father's Day Gifts for Your Coach

I was reviewing my Father’s Day gift idea list from last year and it’s another reminder of how different life is this year. I wonder if we’ll ever get to the point where we can plan a getaway without masks again. Will we have pit stops available where ever we stop? Is a road trip even fun if you have to wear masks everywhere you go? With getaways out of the question for 2020, I’m shifting this year’s Father’s Day Gift Idea list to focus on a few things for your coach that aren’t career-related and don’t involve travel.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Support His Hobby (even if it’s new)

It’s been a season of forced stillness and many people have caught up on projects around their homes while others have used the time to explore expanding their interests. It’s important to keep the balanced perspective that at some point athletics will start up full force again, however, there is always time for additional interests. This is especially important when hobbies are used as a way to decompress and reduce stress.

When you support a hobby that encourages self-care you love your coach well:

  • Pick up a new fishing rod, license, and bait
  • Pick out a new grill master tools and seasonings
  • Add a tool or buy the materials for the project he’s been working on
  • Buy those new hiking boots he’s been eyeing

Customize Something Useful

father's day gift

Do you have a favorite photo? Add it to a mug, travel mug, keychain, or another item your husband uses frequently.

Shutterfly, Walmart, and Vistaprint all have options that are affordable and great quality.

We’ve had a Shutterfly travel mug for several years. At one point we lost the lid and they even sent us a replacement.

Update His Wardrobe

I cannot stress this enough. If your husband has wanted to add to his wardrobe now is the time to do it. Go through those drawers and closets and see where the gaps in his day to day ensembles remain. You’ll find anything you want on sale if you price compare! Shop online and use Swagbucks or Rakuten to earn cashback on your purchases. Double your cash back benefits by shopping online at Kohl’s when there is a Kohl’s cash deal going or use a rewards credit card that you pay off right away to earn points and you’ll really stretch your dollars.

Monthly Subscriptions

I did a round up of monthly subscription ideas for Mother’s Day and there are just as many fun ones for men.

However, you celebrate your favorite Coach this Father’s Day I hope you spend time relaxing together. It won’t be long before we’re back into the thick of the season with full to overflowing calendars. Take time to let your man know how much you value his presence on Father’s Day and every day.

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