Favorite Books of 2016

I’m featuring my favorite books read in 2016. You can keep up with all of my books on my Good Reads page. You’ll also be the first to receive my recommendations if you sign up for my newsletter.

Breaking Busy

Breaking Busy addresses extensively the different areas of our lives we tend to fill up with busyness.  Relationships, Traditions, Calling, Thoughts, and many other subjects are written about in matter-of-fact statements that had me nodding my head, tearing up with gratitude and feeling energized to edit, adjust and say no!

Looking For Lovely

Annie’s bravery and vulnerability were just what I needed for a perspective tweak.


Unashamed is the third book written by author and speaker Christine Caine.  As the book begins, Caine presents her personal experiences with feeling shame.  Her memories of shame had begun before she had words to express her experiences.  As Caine shares her story of how others actions and words caused her to look at herself differently, I found myself flashing to scenarios in my life that elicited the same emotions. I wouldn’t have named my wound shame, but it became clear the emotions surrounding my memories still had roots in shame.

Present Over Perfect

In the first pages as Shauna details her stress, exhaustion, and realization life didn’t turn out as she had thought it would I felt she could have been writing my own thoughts. As Shauna writes of her three-year journey to shed perfection and instead be present for her family, friends, and God, I walked away challenged and encouraged. No list of to do’s, just ideas to consider, mixed with encouragement to be brave and strive to be present.

Nothing To Prove

Jennie Allen has written Nothing To Prove to every woman who has wondered if God’s truth is big enough to include her. Her reminder is YES. I’m so thankful for her bravery in being willing to speak these desperately needed words.

Play With Fire

Bianca Olthoff is her first book, and it’s a great one. Bianca tells her story of how growing up the daughter of a pastor in L.A. planted the seeds of faith which she later watered herself. As Bianca writes of her life story, highlighting milestones where God pursued her for a deeper relationship she ties in instances of how God calls us into the fires. Bianca writes of her wilderness season and processes the lessons learned from having to say goodbye, having to release control and having to learn to put God first in all aspects of her life.

Hillbilly Elegy

J.D. Vance grew up in Middletown OH and has family roots in Jackson KY. In this memoir, he tells stories of his life highlighting events in his childhood that seemed normal to him but outside of the Appalachian mountains are very rare. Vance explains what happened, how things happened and gives a rare insight into why the Appalachian people respond to circumstances the way they have been documented to do.

Falling Free

I wasn’t aware of Shannan Martin before reading Falling Free, but I’ve become a fan. Whenever there is an opportunity to peek inside the lives of those living fully surrendered it feels like a gift. To be reminded that it’s ok to live outside the norms, to be reminded that sometimes God calls up to do the stuff that doesn’t make sense, for me, is like taking a fresh breath of clean air I didn’t even know I was gasping for.

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  1. Breaking Busy was one of my favorites last year and Falling Free this year! Hoping to finish Present Over Perfect in the next week.

  2. Book TWIN!! I love your list. Falling Free–YES! And I am adding Hillbilly Elergy to my 2017 list. I enjoy books about Appalachia. We even used the same graphic <3 Love you, twinnie!

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