Favorite Boy Mom Resources

Favorite Boy Mom Resources

As our oldest entered Middle School last year I found myself thinking back on my youth group days frequently. I loved my time in time with my high school youth group. We traveled out of the country together and shared deep secrets, well as deep as high schoolers can go. The more I remembered my own experiences, the more I knew I wanted them for our boys.

There comes a point when parents lose some of their influence. Although the Helicopter Parents seem to have kept a foot further in the door, a part of developing true independence includes finding outside influences to consider. It’s why the role of a coach is so much more than just X’s and O’s.

I’ve found a few books along the way that I’ve kept on my bookshelves because I refer to them with each new stage we enter. Since we each parent in our own way, I’ll add that this is my list. My husband does nightly devotions with our sons and has spent time reading and discussing a few books with them this summer. So, Mama, books, actions, oils, and podcast ideas are for you.

Favorite Resources:

Wild Things

This book has been on target for each stage my boys enter. I’ve learned to consult the stage of life my kids are in when a behavior enters our house I don’t know how to handle. Not only are there reassuring explanations, but great ideas for how to respond.

Do Hard Things and The Rebelution

I just discovered this book thanks for an Instagram post from Priscilla Shirer’s husband Jerry. The Rebelution is an organization that was founded by authors of Do Hard Things Alex and Brett Harris. At age 16 these two teenagers developed a website that has challenged teenagers since 2005 to live up to their potential.

This book is written by teenagers for teenagers. Here’s a quote that summarizes many of the aspects of Do Hard Things. “We recommend that rebelutionaries do three hard things that go above and beyond what our culture expects and take us closer to what God expects: 1. Do what’s hard for you. 2. Be known for what you do (more than for what you don’t). 3. Pursue excellence, not excuses.”

This is the first of several books and along with the website, The Rebelution is challenging teens every day.

Brains On Science Podcast

I love this podcast. When we head on the road an episode becomes a great springboard for conversation and we always learn something new too!

Boy Bomb Blend Essential Oil Roller

doTerra is my company of choice and I love this blend. Balance was one of the first oils we tried out and I adore the scent and the effects it has on my boys. This is sometimes called Grouchy Pants Blend, and that works too, but in our house, it’s the Boy Bomb.

doterra balance and serenity

Things We Do:

Cook Dinner

I started having each boy cook one dinner a week this summer and it’s been amazing. Not only are they learning kitchen skills, but their confidence is growing along with their independence. They are doing a great job of choosing recipes that involve a little work, and are very tasty!

Devotional Journal

I’m a journaler when it comes to prayer and I’ve noticed my boys may not love to write, but they are calmer after they do. This process has been simplified with this free resource from Not Consumed. A printable prayer journal is part of their family devotional kit which is free to download.

Head to Coffee Shops

I’ve passed on my love of expensive coffee (and non-coffee) drinks to my kids. One prefers a decaf white chocolate mocha while the other likes Frappuccinos with almond milk in summer and Almond Milk Caramel steamers in the winter. Either way, this is a great way to find time to chat outside of the house.

Raising amazing boys is a daily surrender to God, and it’s also an enormous privilege. The tools above are the newest tools in my parenting toolbox. I hope you find them helpful!