Favorite Game-Day Gear

Game-day gear questions seem to come up every season. Which are the best things, the most affordable and the necessary items? This year is a little different as some of our games are in the evening and others are in the morning, but a few strategic choices are helping me prepare for every game without storing a lot of extra stuff.

Here’s this Year’s List of my Favorite Game-Day Gear:


Now that we’re back North and games are in the evening I’ve pulled the Thinsulate back out. This extra layer is thin but very helpful at keeping me warm on the chilly days.

Stadium Seat

We’re not using these this year as we’re on the sidelines with various roles, but if you haven’t purchased a stadium seat yet it’s worth considering. Mine has a pouch to hold things meaning it’s one less bag to carry.


I know many love their Yeti’s, but I’m loyal to Tervis. Regardless of your mug of choice, it’s helpful to find a travel mug that keeps your cold drink cold, hot drink hot, has a spill-proof lid and doesn’t sweat.

A Great Shirt

I’ve always been a one outfit person. Kind of like a uniform for Game Days, but this year I’ve branched out and I’m loving having options to wear each weekend. Friday Night Wives has an adorable collection of shirts that are high-quality and true to size. I love my collection and find that it’s great to have options.

As with many things I’m keeping it simple this year even when it comes to game-day gear. There aren’t any affiliate links here, I’m just a fan offering an opinion!

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