First Quarter in Review

one word 2018 ready

Last week I completed the quarterly review of the Powersheets binder for the first quarter and I was pleased to see that while I haven’t been feeling “on track” with daily tasks, the big picture has begun to come together. When my #oneword2018 solidified as “Ready” I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but I knew that there were several things that were in process.


A December promotion has created an interesting Q1 for me. I’ve spent weeks working at a “catch up” pace more than an “on target” pace. As March wrapped up an evaluation of tasks and hours confirmed I’m on target with my projects.

Where “ready has come in” is the addition of two more clients and an hours increase putting me at 40 work hours a week for the first time since 2005. I’m so thankful to have had to opportunity to ease into full-time work at a comfortable pace. I’m looking forward to new roles and responsibilities as well as continuing to work on the projects I love.


After 13 months my thyroid is back in range and I’m feeling great for the first time in months. While avoiding gluten, getting enough sleep, and regular exercise is important, I continue to work on daily pace.

Pacing myself is the key to several things. An even pace ensures I have room in my calendar to complete needs and wants for the day. It also increases the chances that I will keep my stress levels lower. Balanced stress means even emotions and less of a sense of urgency attached to tasks that aren’t urgent.

All of the links between stress and hypothyroidism are yet to be fully defined but much of thyroid disease comes down to how you feel in addition to what blood work reveals. This Healthline article points out an important aspect of keeping stress at bay.   “The impact of stress on the thyroid occurs by slowing your body’s metabolism. This is another way that stress and weight gain are linked.”

Extra Curriculars:

While I’ve been focusing on adjusting our days to my increased work hours a lot of other things have slid to the side where they now wait in the shadows. It’s hard to know when I’ll pick up the knitting loom or a book in Q2, but I haven’t removed them from my Powersheets list just yet.

Looking to the Future:

It’s hard to think too far ahead these days, especially since winter wants to hang on. But regardless of what the weather does the calendar will not stop moving. Through everything, I’m actively working to have space so I can say yes to a nudge from God and respond in a “ready position”.

April, May, and June Will Bring:

  • The end of elementary school for Levi
  • The beginning of football practice for Ordell
  • Our 17th wedding anniversary
  • Elijah turning 13
  • Visits from Family

With a few Powersheets goals met, and another restructured Q2 is shaping up to be a great one.