Five Blessings


We have lived a unique and sometimes crazy life in our sixteen and a half years of marriage. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been blessed. I cannot complain, I should not complain. Mrs. Disciple’s #FridayFive is blessings this week, and I’m thankful for an opportunity to recount some of the many, many blessings our family has experienced.

If you’ve followed my story at all you know, we have two boys born 20 months apart. Our first was born three weeks early due to pre-eclampsia developing in me. It was scary made scarier when we then ended up in the hospital post-delivery for an additional three weeks due to a staph infection. No one could explain what was happening and as we were transferred to a different hospital, we entered our first weekend on a random hospital floor where the attending happened to be a disease and infection specialist. Within minutes after reviewing Elijah’s chart he was able to explain not only what was going on, but the likely cause as well.

My second pregnancy was an even scarier time as I was under doctor’s orders to not get pregnant and feeling pretty terrible with hypothyroidism which wasn’t being treated well. With a one-year-old to chase around my second pregnancy wasn’t easy. I ended up with HELLPS syndrome pre-eclampsia at 34 weeks. Again we were transferred to a different hospital, and I was put under the care of a team of doctors who saw my case as manageable instead of unique. That might not sound comforting, but for me, it was relieving to know that the odds of survival were high.

Both our boys were born healthy, breathing on their own without lasting side effects of premature births.

Three years ago we uprooted our family and moved far away from everyone and everything we knew. The hard thing about football families is that kids go along when God calls their dad to move. It isn’t easy, it doesn’t always seem fair, and it can be hard to make friends. We’ve been incredibly blessed with a welcoming community. We’ve found a church that challenges us well and loves us deeply. Our boys are flourishing in opportunities they didn’t have in their previous home. Our move has been a blessing.

Besides the blessings of two healthy children, jobs we love and a great church, our marriage has been a blessing.

We married in our 20’s and although we felt ready to do life together forever we were both more selfish than we realized. We have found our best selves in the presence of each other. We’ve also revealed our worst selves. For me, one of the biggest blessings of being married to Ordell has been his desire to see my live my best life. This has included him cheerleading me through ministry and pointing out areas in my life I have needed to grow in. On my side, I’ve committed to moving wherever he is called, regardless of what is left behind. I’ve committed to also pointing out areas that need attention but also being his constant cheerleader. There are seasons of our lives where we only have each other to process life with. There are seasons where we are the only ones who can fully understand a situation from our point of view. In those seasons especially, our marriage is a blessing.

In this current season of life, the nightly news could lead us to think that our lives are not blessed. We could choose to focus on the injustices that surround us, the weather which claims thousands of lives in a few days, or whatever the latest emergency alert to scroll across CNN might be. When I pause and consider how God has protected our family over the years, how he saw fit to bring Ordell and me together to make each other stronger, to propel each other to him, I can’t feel anything but overwhelmingly blessed.

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  1. Beth, I love these reflective moments. They help us to see how God provides and moves in your life. It brings encouragement to some of the hard places of our own life. While it can be hard to see God’s hand in the middle of our mess, looking back helps us to be reassured He is ALWAYS there! Thanks for linking up!

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