Five Boundaries

Football and Family


Family- I’m the wife of a minority, and our sons are multi-racial.  For the first many years of our marriage, we lived in a tiny farming community where we stuck out in a crowd to put it nicely.  My Mama Bear instinct has become finely tuned, and although I’m the first to admit no one in our house is perfect, I don’t want to hear that from anyone else.

Football- More than I can count Ordell and I have been on a lunch date, and a #RamFan has joined us.  Sometimes they just want to say hi, other times they have a recruit he “MUST” see.  It’s also more common than I’d like to admit that someone has a message to pass along to me or a question they aren’t brave enough to ask of my dear coach.  Here’s the deal.  I don’t know who has what scholarship offer or why a certain play was called and the things I do know I’m not supposed to repeat.  Let’s all just enjoy our lunches ok?

Negativity- I’m a bandwagon negative nelly.  I also find that as much as I’d prefer to be a glass half full kind of girl, I have to work for that.  Because of my own flaw, I RUN from negativity.  It’s the only way I’ve figured out that I can stay sane…and positive.

Scripture- I’ve drawn a line in the sand with people interpreting scripture. There is a camp of theologians that like to bend the words.  They will justify excluding a section of scripture as “historically written.”  They also speak against inerrancy in scripture.  The thought seems to be that if human error can be applied, then interpretation can be changed.  I’m not scholarly enough to always pick out a phony.  Scripture is clear that the Holy Spirit will help us to understand God’s words and we won’t need help from anyone else to understand it.  (John 14:26, 1 John 2:27)  Every time I’ve heard someone try to justify changing the meaning of passages I’ve had a knot in my stomach that doesn’t go away until I acknowledge the statement as a lie.



  1. Kori

    Could not agree more with the negativity one. I work hard to choose joy daily, and spending the smallest amount of time with someone who can’t see the good in anything quickly wears me down.

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