Five Things That Are Filling Me With Joy

5 things bringing me joy

We are wrapping up the school year here in the mountains, and I’m excited for Christmas break, a few weeks with my guys and our extended family. I’m thrilled to say goodbye to 2016. It hasn’t been a terrible year, but it certainly has had its challenges. In the midst of uncertainty and disappointment, there are several things that are filling my heart with joy these days.

Our youngest son turned 10 this month. We are a baby-free house, and now we have no single digits! The toddler years were a blur in many ways for me, still, as fun as the snuggling was, I am loving having kiddos who can stay home while I run an errand in town or better yet, actually be helpful when running errands! Our boys have some pretty hilarious conversations these days. On the way to school, our younger was explaining to his older brother that there was a simple way to get Congress to do what you want. Simply withhold pizza from them until they comply.

As much as I love not having my own babies anymore, there is a certain little mister that has a chunk of my heart these days. A dear friend, his wife, had a baby last spring and I’m happy to report he is comfortable enough in our home to wake up from a nap without fear. His gummy smiles and expressive eyes keep us all smiling. A game of peek-a-boo has us all cracking up. Besides the title Mom, Auntie Beth is the next one I feel most privileged to have, and a certain little mister has me counting the days until he says it.

My recent endocrinologist appointment has me filled with joy. My thyroid is considered functioning again, and I’m loving my rest-filled nights and energy-filled days.

Wrapping up with a good book is always a quick way to make me smile. As campus empties for the break, recruiting winds down with schools being closed for a bit and the chillier weather becoming a constant the library has kept my bookshelves full. I love hopping on inner-library loan and getting the latest book recommended to me without spending a penny.

The last thing bringing me joy these days is the many ways I’m laughing with my favorite authors and speakers. I’ve recently joined the podcast party, and I’m amazed at how much great content is out there! Annie Downs, Jamie Ivey, Melanie Dale, Hope Writers, Soulful Over Frantic and Christy Nockels all make me smile, sometimes challenge me to think deeper and often leave me encouraged. Listening to women support each other and celebrate each other’s successes is bringing me deep joy these days.

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3 thoughts on “Five Things That Are Filling Me With Joy”

  1. I love your list of joys, Beth! I’m thankful for your good health report. This brings me joy. Thank you for sharing with us. EnJOY your holiday!!

  2. For all the disappointments you have going on these days, you found the light in the darkness! Rejoicing with you over that functioning thyroid. That must make you feel so much better! Try the Big Boo Podcast. Hillarious! I’m going to check out some of the ones you recommended. Thanks for linking up!

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