Support for Pursuing Your Calling Vocationally

This month, a new report revealed that a large majority of Americans focus on vocation as an end goal to personal happiness. Data from Barna Research identified that four in five U.S. adults (81%) agree that their primary goal in life is to be happy. Practicing Christians were particularly in alignment … Read More

Share Four Somethings October 2021

We’re wrapping up the football season this month. It’s been a great season off the field for our family. I’m thankful that our re-entry to competition after so many disappointing starts and stops has gone as smoothly as it has. Something Loved We loved cheering on our favorite coach and … Read More

Pursue Your Calling and Thrive

“The bulk of people who failed to finish well in Scripture failed in the last half of their life.” Howard Hendricks Howard Hendricks presents the thesis that only 30% of people in Scripture finished well. Put another way; they fulfilled their calling. This means that 70% fell short of God’s … Read More

Pursuing Your Calling in Difficult Seasons

We are still in a difficult season as a country after months and months of trauma. Every day we wake up to discover the rules are shifting by region, state, county, or even school district to district. The only thing we can rely on right now is that we will … Read More

How to Clarify Your Next Step

Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you know you’re on the right path, but you’ve encountered a fork in the road. Perhaps you find yourself feeling less satisfied with your current trajectory in life. It’s common to hear statements such as I need a change of pace I need a … Read More