Pursue Your Calling and Thrive

“The bulk of people who failed to finish well in Scripture failed in the last half of their life.” Howard Hendricks Howard Hendricks presents the thesis that only 30% of people in Scripture finished well. Put another way, they fulfilled their calling. This means that 70% fell short of God’s … Read More

In-Season Self-Care

One of the most helpful things I’ve learned about self-care is that other people can’t give me what I don’t realize I need. I may need help with a project or chores. If I don’t realize I’m overwhelmed or if I assume other people know I need help and choose … Read More

Quick Meal Prepping

One thing that never ends is the need to cook dinner. It’s become one of the most predictable and difficult questions to answer in recent months. The reality is that when we’re in-season focusing on meal preparation is the best thing I can do to keep our budget on track. … Read More

Meal Prep and Planning for Any Season

When you have a food allergy, part of ensuring that your body thrives is choosing to eat the foods that will help rather than harm your body. Even though I work remotely I don’t have a lot of flexibility during the week to spend on elaborate meals. This is especially … Read More