Friday Five: Books

Mrs. Disciple and I have very similar book tastes, so I’m always adding her suggestions to my never ending list 🙂  I’ve been spending my afternoons reading most days in between swim lessons. I have the best view from our carport turned deck area!

I’ve also been lucky enough to get on a few great launch teams. Here are the last 4 books I’ve read:

1 Looking For Lovely by Annie Downs. I received this book for my birthday but set it aside for the summer knowing I would devour it. Sure enough, I found Annie’s bravery and vulnerability to be just what I needed for a perspective tweak.

2.  Come With Me by Suzanne Eller is a beautiful book about viewing scripture as if we were standing with the disciples. The personal view of scripture creates a great reminder that the stories and lessons Jesus told the disciples still apply today.

3. Unashamed by Christine Caine is for anyone who has ever felt shame. Basically, everyone! Caine intertwines her personal story of identifying and fighting against shame in her own life with scripture to remind the reader that we are called to live a life that glorifies God, not one that causes us to wish our time away.

4. Play with Fire by Bianca Olthoff is her first book, and it’s a great one. Bianca tells her story of how growing up the daughter of a pastor in L.A. planted the seeds of faith which she later watered herself. As Bianca writes of her life story, highlighting milestones where God pursued her for a deeper relationship she ties in instances of how God calls us into the fires. Bianca writes of her wilderness season and processes the lessons learned from having to say goodbye, having to release control and having to learn to put God first in all aspects of her life.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Books”

  1. I love to read people’s stories that are a testimony of God’s grace and power. Sounds like Play with Fire might be one of those stories.

  2. Thank you for reminding me to get back to Bianca’s book…reading on my computer is not my favorite. 🙂 I, too, have read most of your list!

  3. Unashamed is the only one I don’t have. I love the way Caine combats the lies we tell ourselves with scripture. This new book sounds like a winner!

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