Friday Five: Date Night

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When our boys were younger Ordell and I were fully committed to date night. We were blessed to have a few college students who wanted to hang with our boys. This allowed us to enjoy inexpensive dates weekly.

Now that our kids are older and much more independent the need for dates has slipped lower on our weekly priority list, although our commitment to uninterrupted time together hasn’t.

In this season of life, my Five Favorite Dates include:

Taking a walk: I’m loving this mild winter! We are lucky to have a great walking trail close to our house. Three miles can be walked in under an hour, but allow for a great time together. One bonus of walking with Ordell is that he often walks quicker than I do, so my pace has increased easily! This has been an almost year-round option for time together several times a week.

Watching a movie at home: We have Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. We don’t get to see a lot of movies during the fall with football season taking up much of our weekends. This makes for a great spring of catching up on all the best movies from the past few years. RedBox Codes are also a great option for cheap movie viewing! The best part about watching at home is we can start the movie whenever we want.

Going out for coffee: My favorite way to extend our walk is to head for coffee afterward at the local coffee shop. Breakfast is my favorite type of meal to eat and that is in part because coffee is such a great part of that. 🙂 Coffee shops are also our go to when we drop the boys at karate class. An uninterrupted hour in the evenings after dinner is always a nice way to finish the day.

Double Dating: Heading out for lunch or dinner is fun anytime. In this season I find that grabbing time with friends is best done over a meal. I’m so thankful for the people God has placed in our life both near and far. Laughing together, catching up on life and all that happens in a few months can easily take up more than a dinner.

Traveling: Heading out of town, getting to see different parts of the country as well as explore unknown towns is one of the parts of our life I enjoy the most. We’ve had some great meals in new to us restaurants as well as found cool decorations and clothing in local shops. Each location we travel to as a family or couple we purchase a Christmas ornament. Our tree is full of fun memories from our trips. Traveling, for me, includes the best dates!

I’m linking up with Mrs Disciple for #FridayFive. Join us and tell us what your favorite dates are!


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  1. A trip sounds fabulous right now! I am always surprised how deeply we reconnect and get back to enjoying one another again when we GET AWAY. So important to build that into our plans each year. Thanks for linking up, Beth! #FridayFive

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