Friday Five: Five for Easter

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Growing up Easter was always a blast.  I’m born the end of March, my brother mid-April, my uncle and his son (my cousin) also in April.  We would all be at my Nana and Papa’s house for Easter dinner where birthdays and Jesus we celebrated.  I’m linking up with Mrs. Disciple for #FridayFive and sharing my five favorite Easter memories through the years.

My Nana loved having a lamb cake. They were so cute on the table! The thing is, no one had the guts to cut into it.  Every year she would pull the lamb cake out the freezer in hopes it would get eaten, and it would go back into the freezer for the following Easter!

With busy lives, we didn’t always get to see our extended family’s church.  I loved having a big Easter celebration together.  Some years we would go to my grandparents’ Assyrian Presbyterian Church.  All the grandmothers would love on us, pinch our cheeks and tell us something in Assyrian that we didn’t understand.

Every so often Easter would fall on my birthday.  Those were the best years.  To get to celebrate your birthday ON your birthday?  Loved it!  After we moved to southern IL my birthday fell on Easter. We drove the four hours north, I needed to spend the time with my family.

As the years went on I occasionally would host an Easter brunch at our house.  One year in particular a large number of people stayed in our town for the weekend and we had a HUGE group for a meal.  Everyone brought a dish and we found spots to eat wherever we could and ate and chatted.  It was one of the times when our community felt like home.

As my kids got older they experienced their first Easter traditions.  Coloring eggs, hunting them, baskets from the Easter Bunny.  Our younger son is a collector.  Bottle caps, wrappers, and for a time Easter eggs.  He loved that when he opened eggs there was something inside.  So, after Easter, he took all the eggs and filled them with things he loved.  Legos, money, food, pretty much anything that would fit in an egg.  He would carry the filled treasures everywhere!

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  1. Happy birthday! And happy Easter! How fun to have a birthday during this holy season. I love the lamb cake in and out of the freezer. That is hilarious!

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