Friday Five: Five Men I Admire

5 characteristics in men I admire

This is a tough post because the reality is the men I most admire have stories that are not mine to share. It is those stories that make them stand out to me. The men I have learned the most from have taught me in their darkest seasons. The man whose character shines in a dingy world surrounding me has done so without the desire for recognition or fame. They have striven to glorify God when others would have given up. So, instead of naming those who I admire most, I’ll instead list the characteristics that have made me a fan.

5 Characteristics I Admire


When it comes to characteristics that are attractive, loyalty tops the list. This trait has been admired in different ways. The man who fights for his marriage when by other’s standards it is over. The man who stays in a job where his superiors are anything but admirable. The man who lives his life steadily serving the Lord when life doesn’t make any sense. This is how I’ve seen loyalty around me.


The man who insists God is good when diagnosed with terminal cancer. The man who worships God unashamedly when his child’s life is on the line. The man who calmly walks into the storm because he trusts God will fulfill his promise to never let him down. This is the way faith has been lived out around me.


More than one man has fought fiercely for his marriage in my presence. I’ve not only watched the fight for a solid marriage, but the fight for a wife to see how deeply she is loved by her husband. The men I admire fight to keep their integrity at work and in their personal life. They fight to see the truth and fight for those they love. In case I’m not clear, I’m not using fight in the physical sense of punching. The men who have fought in my presence have done so with consistent presence around those they loved. They have done so by speaking the truth when others have chosen to slander. They have not stood by and watched those they love wilt but have instead stepped in to be the shoulder to lean on when needed, and the voice when words have been lacking.


One of the most consistently astounding characteristics that I admire is theses men I’ve been blessed enough to know is obedience. The strength to walk the hard path when the easy path is still available to walk is rare, and it is impressive. The man who takes a pay cut because staying is better for his family than moving for the promotion. The man who takes the job against logic because he knows God has called him to. Obedience hasn’t ever come with a revelation of the end game in my life, and it hasn’t for these men either, yet they take the road less traveled.


In many ways, surrender is present with the other characteristics I’ve already listed. It is the position of heart and head that allows the husband to fight for his marriage even in the hardest seasons. It is the position that makes the road less traveled seem exciting and adventurous instead of insane and impossible. Surrender is the most attractive characteristic to me because it is the position of understanding life will be ok as long as Christ stays first and central, and it is the safest place in the midst of the storms of life.

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  1. Beth, this makes my heart swell. You identify the marks of a good man. I love the examples that you share. Man-bashing is culturally acceptable and even encouraged. You honor the men in your life by championing their qualities. As the mother of a son, I take all of this to heart! #parentinggoals

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