Friday Five-Five Open Tabs

I’m loving the September #FridayFive posts!  I had to think about this one for a bit, but listing 5 tabs that are open on my computer is pretty easy, it just varies depending on my job for the day. Right now I split time between campus ministries, campus wellness, and health coach, swim lessons, writing, and course work!  So, I decided to post the top link from each category.

Campus Ministries:  Pursuit Women’s Ministries is going really really well this semester!  Our student leaders are amazing and they are truly leading and serving their fellow students well!  On Mondays, we have our leadership development and I also do a devotional for the Women’s Volleyball team.  Bible Gateway is my go-to for preparing talks.  Whether it’s to print out scripture to be read, compare versions for wording choices, or read a commentary Bible Gateway has it all.

Campus Wellness and Health Coach: My Pinterest “Work” Board is always open when I’m seeing clients or prepping a Lunch and Learn.  There are so many awesome resources out there that I’ve found Pinterest to be the place to keep them.  When a client asks me for information on a specific subject like portion control or goal setting, if I don’t have a  paper copy to hand them I can easily send a link via email.

Swim Lesson Instructor: Teaching swim lessons can get very old very quickly.  There are only so many ways to teach the same kids the same skills over and over.  Swim Ideas is my absolute go-to not only for my own ideas but for helping develop the instructors I’ve hired to team-teach with me.

Course Work: Leading campus ministries is my absolute joy and passion, but the reality is on the job training can be harmful if done poorly!  Christian Leaders Institute has been the most amazing blessing of a resource!  Not only am I getting the base classes I’ll need for a master’s degree FOR FREE.  But I’m learning from leading theologians and pastors on my own time.  Right now I’m taking Church and Ministry.  The sections on developing volunteers and leading volunteers have been perfect and easy to apply.

Writing:  Ok, so this one is a little harder, but I thought I’d plug an awesome site that begins soon!  The Glorious Table launches October 1st and the group of writers assembled is outstanding.  I should be one of them in future months, and reading the blogs from these ladies never ceases to inspire me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the info on Christian Leaders Institute. I am intrigued and headed over there now to read more. See you at The Glorious Table in a few days!! Thanks for linking up with #FridayFive!

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