Friday Five – Five Re-Reads

I’m loving these #FridayFive posts with Mrs. Disciple!    This week is Five books I want to Re-Read.  The majority of my reading is non-fiction.  I’ve ventured more often into biographies and fiction in the last year or so and even in these areas the books that stick with me are those that speak to my heart.  Here are a few I’ve got sitting on my kindle waiting for my next bus trip with the team. 🙂

This summer Ordell and I re-read Anything by Jennie Allen, so I’ll put that first on my list 😉 AnythingJennie Allen is one of my favorite writers these days.  I can’t tell you how much I connect with Jennie and Zac.  Watching the bible study videos this summer was so helpful in reminding us of why we work as hard as we do in ministry.

I can’t WAIT to re-read For The Love.  I know you all are probably thinking our group of #500 is insane for lovFor the Loveing this book so much but I cannot tell you how many “one-liners” have been running through my head.  Jen created the perfect balance of thoughtful, funny, and quirky for this book of essays.  This is one of those books that is so packed with subjects covered you will find different sections resonating with different life stages.

A few years ago I was feeling very overwhelmed and even a bit abandoned by God.  Sara Hagerty’s book Everything Bitter Is Sweet fell into my lap at a time when I couldn’t put words to my own emotions and thoughts I couldn’t quite form.  Sara’s reminder that God does hear us and see us even in the depths of our despair and anxiety EveryBitterThingCover-674x1024was the “pep talk” I needed at the time. Sara reminded me that God calls us to many different types of worship, including Adoration.   Now that I’m in a season of my life when God is revealing Himself clearly I want to dive back into this book to see what nuggets of wisdom I missed in my wilderness season.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers was a book that had been recommended to me for years.  I finally decided to read it last December and I have not stopped thinking about it since.  Oh I WISH there was a sequel that carried the story instead Redeeming Loveof just a prologue!  The characters in this book are brought to life from the first page.  I’ve not read any other Francine Rivers books, although I understand from others this book is not unique is the great writing.  This story brought the book of Hosea alive in a new way for me.  Reading about the hearts and thoughts of this group of people brought together by God lifted the veil from my eyes about the depth of God’s love for me in a new way.

Hinds Feet On High Places is a classic allegory that didn’t come into my circle of awareness until about 6 years ago.  Since then I’ve re-read this book almost yearly.  I will never forget my first read through.  Walking on the treadmill weeping as Much-Afraid spoke to the Shepard words I realized were deep iHinds' Feet on High Placesn my heart as well.  The patience of the Shepard was so comforting to me.  His words of encouragement, gifting Much-Afraid helpers for her journey.  I cannot tell you how many times a passage has popped out to me speaking directly to emotions I haven’t been brave enough to admit to yet.  This classic is labeled as such for a reason!

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  1. I loved Redeeming Love and I plan to reread it soon. It has been over 15 years since I read it and I still remember being wrecked by the love of God oozing through Rivers’ story. I haven’t read Anything, but so many people have recommended it, I have decided I MUST! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFive!!

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