Friday Five Five Senses

friday five


November is an interesting month in our house.  For everyone else, life is amping up, but for us, a new normal of football-less weekends, seeing Ordell more often and meals all together is just beginning for the first time since August.  November holds some favorite things for me, here they are using the Five Senses for Mrs. Disciple’s #FridayFive

See-The leaves are falling and what was filled with bursts of gold, red and orange is now all turning to brown.  This makes the tops of our mountains dark.  The branches are preparing to hold snow soon, and as much as I love the colors, the change is welcome as the days get shorter.

Hear-My kids laughing.  With Daddy around more often everything seems more fun.  The laughing also is easier to hear because the chilly days cause us to huddle indoors.

Smell-Leaves burning.  I grew up with this smell being a constant, and nowadays it reminds me that s’ mores are a possibility any night of the week.

Taste-Winter Coffee drinks!!  I know everyone obsesses over the Pumpkin Spice latte but for me, the peppermint white mocha from Starbucks or the Spiced White Chocolate Mocha from Caribou Coffee are my favorites!

Feel-Warmth, wrapping up in cozy blankets might be a necessity of cold nights, but it’s not something I dislike!

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