Friday Five-Five Smiles

I’m linking up with Mrs. Disciple again along with Andrea at Empty Plate, Full Heart!  These Friday Five posts are a fun way to reflect!  This week is five smiles.

I have to say, August has been a breath of fresh air.  I know it’s early into the month, but with football players reporting this week fall is officially upon us and I’m ready for fall!  

A sweet friend of mine whom I’ve known since her college days FINALLY opened her ETSY store!  I’ve listed to Joy dream for years now about Joyberry Lane. Not only does a friend taking a leap of faith to fulfill her dream make me smile, but seriously, look at this sweet picture!

The second thing making me smile these days is extra time with my boys.  All summer long I’ve been on a different schedule then my guys.  Working through most meal times leaving the house before they woke for the day and arriving home about 30 minutes before bedtime.  I’ve been trying to savor time together on the weekends.  School doesn’t start for a few more weeks and in the meantime it’s me and my kiddos.  Sure work still exists, but with the football season beginning I have a lighter schedule allowing for some much needed playtime and adventures with my boys.  🙂

The third thing making me smile these days is Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.  I was thrilled to pick up a copy from my library.  It’s been on my must-read list for several months now.  From the introduction beginning with a congratulations, I’ve been cracking up!

The fourth thing making me smile is the wife of Twin’s Closer Glen Perkins.  After being attacked in cyberspace for a rough patch Alisha Perkins called out all those critics reminding them words hurt deeply.  Here is a sneak peek: “It is easy to hide behind a screen and spew venom at people you will never meet and who are doing things you could only dream of but it does not make it ok. The “cyberbullying” fad in America needs to stop; it is destructive, offensive, unnecessary, and just pain cowardly. Let’s have a little grace for one another and for ourselves.”  Living a life in the public eye is so very hard.  I ADORE this wife standing by her man!

The fifth thing making me smile is the beginnings of a full college campus.  May seems so very far away right now.  The excited shouts when students see each other after months apart, the long lines at the Starbucks on campus, dining hall food for dinner…August is here peeps, and with the new semester brings Pursuit women’s Ministry with a new leadership team, a new semester theme and a lot of new energy.  I can’t wait to see all God has planned for this group, and I’m so blessed to be a part of it!

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  1. I love the way you embrace summer and the start of school all in the same breath! I am adding that book to my reading list. I love Tina 🙂

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