Friday Five: Five Smiles

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With summer approaching I feel like there is a lot more to smile about these days.  Graduation has passed and not only is the sun out longer but our time as a family of four begins sooner each evening as well.

All that being said the chaos of life often has me remembering the frustrating times instead of the ones worth smiling about.  Here are five things that have had me smiling recently for Mrs. Disciple’s #FridayFive:

A new baby!  Our football staff has expanded to include a tiny member who has us all cooing.  Born a few weeks early he was TINY!  My kiddos have both had fun snuggling him as have I!

Warmer weather means pulling out clothes that I haven’t worn in months.  It’s like getting a whole new wardrobe without the expense.

New Girl.  Have seen this show on Netflix or Fox?  Oh man, I’ve JUST discovered it, and the writing has me cracking up.  I am a fan of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt too if we are talking about shows that crack a smile!

I’m also smiling over the fact that our garden has begun to sprout.  I’ll have very little to do with this endeavor over the summer, but I’m loving the fact that my kids are excited about helping vegetables grow.

Speaking of gardening, the tops of the mountains are beautifully green these days.  Our mountains experience all four seasons, and although fall is my favorite the greens of spring and summer are beautiful too!

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  1. Warmer Weather!!! Yes!!! I have to check out New Girl, have heard from many places it is good.

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