Friday Five-Five Soul Fillers

I’m linking up with Mrs. Disciple today!  I love her writing prompts for Fridays.

Five Soul Fillers:

I can’t help but picture some of my favorite quiet times when I think about having my Soul Filled.  There was a common theme with them, and they all involved nature, silence, good coffee, and time.  Right now, the quiet time that fills my soul the best is when I can sit in silence on our front porch or in the sunroom with coffee, my journal, a good amount of time.  The summer months can be a bit challenging to find this, with my boys home.  I find myself guzzling my coffee or leaving my mug half full while I referee the latest fight. When it happens, it sustains me for a good while.

The second thing that is filling my soul right now is studying Angie Smith’s Seamless with 3 of my favorite college women.  Hearing them discover God in a new way, begin to hunger for Him in fresh ways leaves me energized and excited to see all this school year holds.

Thirdly, butterflies are everywhere around us.  Several different species of butterflies have made the honeysuckle bushes in the front of our house their home.  Butterflies have always had a special meaning for me, and the summers in the mountains are filled with them.

Fourth, my soul is filled every night when I listen to my husband read a devotional with our boys.  The weeks are slipping away and soon this nightly routine will happen only a few times each week as football practices, and meetings will keep Ordell out late, but for now, the boys remind their dad each night to bring his Bible when he comes to say goodnight.

Lastly, my soul has been filled with the incredible amount of women authors who are publishing rock solid content this summer!  Nicole Unice’s Brave Enough, Priscilla Shirer’s Armor Of God, Even More by Rachel Lovingood and Jennifer Mills, For The Love by Jen Hatmaker, Anything (updated) by Jennie Allen, Hosea by Jennifer Rothschild; the context is fantastic.  To have so many different women not only using their gifts to teach others but supporting each other while doing it is a giant blessing.  

**I have not been paid for any of the above recommendations on books.  I have received several of them for free in exchange for honest reviews from various publishers.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I have heard great things about Seamless. I may need to put that on the list. It sounds like you are soaking up the summer with your family! Even if it means cold coffee 🙂 Thanks for linking up! #FridayFive #FTL

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