Five Things I Want To Learn: Football Edition

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Football practice is in full swing. I always feel a little in limbo in the month of August. Daily life continues but nothing has fully started yet. School approaches, games approach but for now it’s all just practice and anticipation.

Mrs. Diciple’s #FridayFive this week is Things I Want to Learn, and with football on the brain, I thought I’d pose the top 5 questions I’d love to have answered someday 🙂

Why is it that every August some disaster occurs? There was the August Ordell and I both destroyed our cell phones on the same day. This year a pipe cracked in our rental house, and we had to move out for days. Coach’s wives around the country report of cars breaking, flooded kitchens, kids getting ill…why now?

Why is it that wherever I am in the country, I can find the football locker room based on smell? Shouldn’t that vary just a bit?

Why are the massive amounts of food cooked always “just enough” for the football players? Leftovers are non-existent, that is except the times I put out salad…

Why does every load of laundry include chapstick, business cards and dry erase markers? I’m pretty sure every piece of fall attire has a mark on it somewhere.

How do my husband’s shoes fill up with turf beads EVERY DAY? For real, it’s like the house, car, office, bags, and shoes are mice nests!! We moved in March and now live in a house with all hardwood floors. Y’all, I just can’t even.

turf beads are everywhere coaching life

Thanks to my fellow American Football Coach’s Wives Association for brainstorming these answers with me! What are your pressing questions about the football season?

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  1. God knew what He was doing when He gave Ordell such a loving and patient wife! You coaches’ wives have a special kind of love! Happy football season!!

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