Friday Five: For Mom

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Today I’ve been a mother for exactly 11 years.  Our oldest will be in middle school next year!  It’s hard to believe that so many years ago we held our son for the first time.  My first mother’s day was the day we discharged from the hospital.  We arrived home to flowers and cards.

My second mother’s day out at dinner feeling a little queasy I began to realize the purchase of a pregnancy test would be needed.  As you might imagine the next few Mother’s Day’s are a bit of a blur, but I have mementos to mark the years with and I’ve appreciated them all. Now that my sons are older a card usually arrives home from school along with a gift they have picked out with Ordell.

With Mother’s Day approaching here are five things to consider gifting for Mrs Disciple’s #FridayFive:

A plant.  I love fresh flowers and I don’t mind that they don’t last forever either, but if you are looking for something to last longer consider a plant.  One year I received bush rose plants.  The tiny rose buds come back every year and it was a great reminder of spring approaching!

A pedicure or massage.  Mom’s don’t often get a lot of alone time, and as summer approaches I always find myself wanting my feet to look a little nicer in my sandals. It’s amazing what an hour of pampering can do for a mom who doesn’t always take time for herself!

Dinner and a movie. It may seem silly to celebrate mother’s day without the kids, but for a mom who spends the majority of the week with her kiddos, any chance to have some uninterrupted adult time is a gift.  For a less stressful date consider going out a few days before or after the Sunday designated for Mother’s Day that year.

Amazon Gift Card. Whether it’s to add a new book to a kindle, music to listen to or simply to purchase something she’s been wanting, the freedom to purchase without guilt when an ebook drops to $2.99 is always a winner!

A keepsake.  A ring or pendant with birthstones, an engraved picture frame, handprints in a mold.  Anything that reminders the mother you are celebrating who is is that has given her the privilege of the title Mom.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: For Mom”

  1. Beth, it’s really funny that you discharged home on Mother’s Day. I did the same twelve years ago! Love the gift ideas 😉 Thanks for linking up!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Beth! These are great gift ideas. Gifts that live or enhance living. My kids gave me an amazing grouping of picture frames with pictures already in them ready to frame. The best!! I have been a mom for 25 years now. It’s my favorite!

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