Friday Five: God’s Provision


One of the most interesting lessons I’ve learned in the past few years is that God’s provision doesn’t always look like you would expect it to. In fact, I’ve found myself frustrated a few times as prayers have been answered, but in ways I wasn’t actually happy about!

A way out living in the cornfields was not great for me. It was pretty miserable about 90% of the time in fact. When Ordell decided to take the job coaching football in the mountains, I was actually not thrilled. I was afraid that things would be hard (they are) and that he’d regret the decision. As God clearly carved a path for our departure, I reflected on the 10 years in the cornfield and realized that this move answered my deepest ache. The request to leave.

Renter Being a landlord has never been on my bucket list and even though we are currently owners I hate it. Still, this provision from God has been a clear learning process as the prayer has actually been for God to provide a BUYER. Still, monthly the mortgage on a house we no longer live in is paid for through the provision of a renter.

Stipulations: Last summer in the midst of financial stress I started to plummet in my faith yet again into the pit of despair. God’s constant no to our house selling, the stress of finding out our property manager had been lying to us for a year and the fact that our renter decided to go on vacation instead of pay rent on time in the month of July were enough to make me question whether my prayers were being heard. Shortly after that, a check arrived in the mail that would wipe out a gigantic portion of financial stress with a few clicks of the mouse. The stipulation attached to it was that Our family would need to travel at a largely inconvenient time to appease the “gift” giver.

My response was no thanks. I don’t like being controlled and all I could see was excluding the travel money would wipe out a significant more financial stress. Everyone around me who hear the story (very few) thought I was crazy and they had some good points. The reality is financial provision traded in a year of money stress for a week of emotional stress and lost income. Still a pretty good trade off, but not the provision I expected.

Ministry: This might sound weird, but the reality is that the ability to minister to college women is a gift for me. I adore my time with those women, and the freedom I’ve been given on our campus is unheard of in my circles. Still, this provision was a surprise that arrived after our move to the mountains was complete. A move I fought in the beginning.

Opportunity: Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago I was able to have a lot of life experiences. When my kids started to get close to the ages when they could take advantage of experiences I was pretty disappointed to see how little the corn fields offered. They had some fun things, but most required a lot of driving. Now in a larger area opportunity exists!  Tennis lessons, horseback riding camp, space camp, basketball, soccer it’s all here and my kids are loving it.

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  1. When we stop to look back, sometimes the provisions God sends our way surprise us. We don’t always see them as provisions at the time, but in His wisdom, He knows exactly what we need.

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