Friday Five: Last Five Books I’ve Read

For #FridayFive writers choice I’m telling you about the last five books I’ve read. This has been a full summer of reading for me and I’m so thrilled to have read so many amazing authors, many of them new or new to me.

Falling Free I wasn’t aware of Shannan Martin prior to reading Falling Free, but I’ve become a fan. Whenever there is an opportunity to peek inside the lives of those living fully surrendered it feels like a gift. To be reminded that it’s ok to live outside the norms, to be reminded that sometimes God calls up to do the stuff that doesn’t make sense, for me, is like taking a fresh breath of clean air I didn’t even know I was gasping for.

Shannan simply tells her family’s story of moving from the country to the city, from high power jobs in D.C. to county jail chaplain and writer/speaker. Adoption, surrender, fear, doubt, true joy and surrender again. It’s worth your time, although it may wreck your future…you’ve been warned.

More Than Extraordinary by Jo Saxton is about women’s leadership development roles in the church, home, ministry, and workplace. MTE steps past the “should women lead” question and instead points to ways women have lead throughout history, including in the scriptures. Practical information, guidance, and encouragement from women in leadership fill the pages as well as things to remember, questions to consider and warnings to heed as leadership continues.

If you are a woman who is seeking ways to develop your leadership skills, this is a resource to consider.

Life of the Beloved Henri Nouwen presents a challenge to his readers. See yourself as beloved in God’s eyes. Further, he presents what actions and thoughts need to change to shake off the world’s standards and instead remember we are beloved in God’s eyes, which is the only thing that matters.

Present over Perfect I intended to be patient on obtaining this book, to add it to my wishlist and receive it for Christmas, but as the release day drew near I couldn’t resist reading the latest book from Shauna Niequist.

In the first pages as Shauna details her stress, exhaustion, and realization life didn’t turn out as she had thought it would I felt she could have been writing my own thoughts. As Shauna writes of her three-year journey to shed perfection and instead be present for her family, friends, and God, I walked away challenged and encouraged. No list of to do’s, just ideas to consider, mixed with encouragement to be brave and strive to be present.

The Passenger  I’ve not read anything from Lisa Lutz before this fiction book, but after two pages in the library, I was hooked. I couldn’t put this novel down! The story is about a woman who is running from her past. We learn very little along the journey, but just enough to keep reading. Will switching identities allow her to survive or will the law, the man trying to have her killer or her past eventually catch up with her?

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3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Last Five Books I’ve Read”

  1. Loving this list! I fell in love with Jo Saxton’s wisdom with the latest If:Equip study. I really want to read that book! Well, all of these books! Thanks for linking up, Beth!

  2. Thanks for sharing your recommendations. I haven’t read any of these, though I’ve heard a bit about Falling Free and I’m definitely interested in reading it. The others all sound great too.

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