Friday Five: Laugh Out Loud

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Mrs. Disciple had an excellent choice for April Fools’ Day on today’s topic!  I feel like our life is filled with moments that border on laughing or crying these days. 🙂  Chaos seems to create those moments for me and life can certainly be chaotic with spring ball and school and ministry.

1 My kids– right now my kids favorite game is “Mom did you know” where I swear they intentionally try to one-up each other on random facts.  Of course, this can lead to engaging conversations.  I cannot help but crack up at their attempts at mature conversations.  A misused “big” word or better yet used properly always brings a smile.

Better yet, listening in on their conversations through our monitor is a hoot.  They are aware the monitor is present but often forget it’s on.  As they replay lunch table discussions or wonder aloud of their friend’s “facts” are true I’m always reminded my littles just aren’t so little anymore!

2 Football players- Whether 9 or 19 I’ve discovered all the guys in my life appreciate an encouraging word.  Of course, too much encouragement leads to puffed-up egos.  Team practice these days has been laughing as our team’s intensity is present, yet often broken by a player practicing a new celebratory dance 😉

3 Our pastor- There is something about a pastor with a well-timed and appropriate joke that wins me over every time.  Our pastor has me laughing every week.  His jokes often tie into the sermon some way, but regardless his personality shines through, and that’s what makes me laugh just a little harder.

4 College girls- Oh how I love my girls!  Their questions, their overexcitement, the way they can crack up over just about anything.  Girls nights, Bible study, and leadership times always include a good laugh.  (some due to exhaustion of late-night ministry in full disclosure 😉 )

5 Ordell- My husband is a joker for sure.  He knows just how to call me out in a way that often* makes me smile.  Striving to be our best selves can be a hard road, but doing so with some laughs smoothes things out.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Laugh Out Loud”

  1. My kids always say, “Mom, do you know something?” To which I reply, “I know a lot of things!” : )

  2. “Mom did you know?” sounds to be a fun stage! Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to hear what brings others joy and laughter!

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