Friday Five: Leaders


For the past two years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time leading a college ministry for the women of our campus. It has been both a deep joy and a large source of stress and sleepless nights. As with most ministry experiences, I’ve found that leading these college women has propelled me deeper into my own faith.

One of the main aspects of my leadership is to develop and pour into student leaders. We’ve spent the last two years trying my hardest to stay a step ahead of some amazing women. Finding resources to point them to has become a habit. Thankfully resources have expanded significantly since my college days as a Young Life leader!  Here are my top five resources for leadership development of women:

1: Right Now Media : This video-based resource is free to everyone on our campus as the college has a subscription.  Right Now Media describes themselves is like “Netflix for the church” because we have a huge library with thousands of video sessions that people can access anytime, anywhere.   Our creative team films and produces RightNow Media Originals featuring teaching from respected teachers and pastors.  We also distribute video resources produced by over 100 other major Christian publishers and ministries.”  My favorite aspect of RNM is the ability to customize video content from different speakers focusing on the same subject.

2. IF: Equip : Recently IF: Equip has taken their weekday study and expanded a section on breaking down scripture. The Rooted In The Word study is a simple lesson on how to dive deeper into understanding scripture for personal study.

3. Jennie Catron: Recently Jennie wrote a book called the “The Four Dimensions Of Extradonary Leadership”. Jennie has created a business of developing leaders. Her newest book offers excellent insight into leaders of all different personality types. I’ve found this to be very helpful in maneuvering personalities.

4. Tim Elmore: Habitudes is the study that first introduced me to Tim Elmore, but every Saturday I learn something new about Millennials or Generation Z from his newsletter. His eye-opening research on the effects of helicopter parents, how students receive information most effectively and other such aspects of leading college and high school-aged people is always helpful.

5. : Last February I was able to attend a LifeWay leadership conference where I had the chance to learn from Amy-Jo Girardier. Amy-Jo is leading the way in leading Generation Z. Her presentation is clear and her ideas are very creative. I found I related really well to Amy-Jo in part because we are both Gen X trying to step out of ourselves to lead intergenerationally the most effective ways we can.

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  1. Great list! I haven’t heard of many of these resources. I am raising a future leader. She has some great leadership qualities, and I want to help her sharpen those skills. Thanks for linking up, Beth!

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