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I’m linking up with Mrs. Disciple today for another #FridayFive!


With the football season consuming our fall, winter dates are pretty low key, but necessary in our house!

1: Signing day is the first Tuesday in February.  With recruiting in full swing, a date with my guy during the winter may include dinner in the dining commons on campus surrounded by the team and families of recruits.  Additional versions of this might include dinner out with Coach is on the phone, watching film on his phone or texting another coach on staff about a recruit.

2: Winter isn’t just an insane time for recruiting.  As a Wellness Coach January is a very crazy month for me.  Ordell and I often tag-teaming things and catching up later.  We don’t currently have a fireplace in our rental house, but I found this app on for our Fire Stick!    Reconnecting over coffee, ice cream or dinner and a little ambiance is often the best winter date I can think of.  Quality Time is a shared love language for us, and this fills both our love tanks, especially when our moments together are rare.

3: Dinner and a movie.  We don’t have time to see movies from August-November.  So, we spend the winter catching up on all the movies we missed!  Whether Redbox, Amazon Prime or HBO we are able to rent almost everything we miss and those we can’t we just watch a year late 😉  Over Christmas we saw Star Wars and In The Heart Of The Sea this year.  It was shocking to me how fancy theaters have gotten!

4: A Weekend Away.  At some point between November and March Ordell and I get away for a weekend, just the two of us.  This has become a necessary time for us after the grind of the football season that time of reconnecting and just relaxing helps us unwind and gear up for spring ball.

5: Campus Plays and Concerts. Our college does a WONDERFUL job with performances!  It’s always a fun treat to get out and see the latest play.  Currently, they are going through the Narnia series.  A perk of our current campus is that employees and families get to attend for free! (If the play is scheduled late enough in February I can almost guarantee Ordell will watch the whole thing without sneaking a peek at recruiting film 😉 )

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  1. I love how winter is PRIME dating season at your house! You share some great ideas. I have to say dinner and a DVD at home is one of my favorites! Thanks for linking up!

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