Friday Five: Open Tabs

5 open tabs


The Glorious Table Monday thru Saturday there is this group of women who are consistently writing from their hearts. Every once in awhile, I contribute, which I tell you only for full disclosure, but every day I think a little differently because of this blog.

(in)Courage (inCourage) helps me discover new authors, participate in virtual book clubs, and indeed encourages me in my faith. Many times I nod along as I read words that have floated around in my head for months or years presented in simple, eloquent sentences

She Reads Truth This is your go-to guide for reading straight through scripture. The online community is encouraging, and the outline is motivating. There is less structure to this study site than others, but that isn’t a reason to disregard it. The space to think abstractly and process how the scripture applies to me directly has helped me develop a sharper ear for God. Much of this site is free, optional workbooks can be purchased as well as devotions on the app.

If Equip Jennie Allen continues to bless us with a short but challenging devotional. Recently the subjects have evolved from scripture to subjects within scripture. The workbooks allow for great small group discussion, or this can be an entirely free option via the app or website.

Sisters in Sports My main site for this crazy lifestyle our family lives is Sisters in Sports. I’ve become a contributing writer, but that’s not why I love this site. Advice on moving, parenting, marriage, and health are all relevant to the coaching life. SIS does an excellent job of highlighting all of the behind the scenes activities of coaching and athlete families at all level of sports. There are exclusive member discounts, and membership is free!

I’m linking up with Mrs. Disciple for #FridayFive!