Friday Five: Self-Care

Self Care is a big-time buzz word for me these days. Partly I find that it’s something that I talk to my health coaching clients about and partly I find that I’m a much better person when I practice self-care.

Bath: We’ve moved a lot in the past several years and I finally have a tub again! For many years baths were for when I was in a hotel, alone. How I’ve got a great tub again and lavender bubble bath.

Read I love to read, especially when I can be outside or when I can wrap up and drink some coffee. We have a great library loan system here and I’m a kindle deal junkie too. I will say, though, I don’t like reading books that make me cry!

Walk Living in the mountains has given me a whole new appreciation for walking. The scenery is always stunning and even when it rains it’s not a hindrance. With temperatures that rarely rise to 90 degrees, it’s always the perfect weather to hit the trails.

Pedicure: One thing about living in the south is that I’ve become very conscious of when I don’t have painted toes. That’s partly due to the fact I wear sandals more often and partly due to people commenting whenever my toes are bare. 🙂 Regardless I love having someone else work on my feet ever so often!

Girl Time: Whether it’s grabbing a coffee, lunch, a pedicure, a walk or a glass of wine, time with my girlfriends always includes time to laugh and reflect. The fall often includes significant space for girl time with football in full swing. I’m already planning a few events in August!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Self-Care”

  1. I hate our tub; it is just not comfortable. My one requirement for our next home is a nice tub! Whenever I visit my parent’s house or stay at a place that has a tub with jets – I take a bath! I too also feel conscience when I have naked toes. Great list!!

  2. Yes to all of these (except the bath. I’m tall and our tub is small.)! If I could read a book while getting a pedicure with my girlfriends–that would be GOLD, BABY! Thanks for linking up!

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