Friday Five: 5 Ways I’m Nailing Motherhood


Mrs. Disciple’s #FridayFive is getting us ready for Mother’s Day with a great prompt link up.  I’m not sure others would agree with my list, but my boys, my list 😉

This was taken about a year ago.  Looking at this I see a marked change in my sons from the last year, time does not stop that’s for sure!

I’m pretty vigilant about making sure my boys don’t eat foods they are allergic to.  That might sound like common sense, but it’s taken trial and error to even figure out what to avoid.  It took a lot of work to confirm things, but I’m there Mama, and it’s worth it to keep them healthy!

I look for adventures.  I know I’m still more cautious than my husband, but for someone who hates dirt and worms and all things, classified boy, I do my best.  Hiking trips, slowing down to see a view, or simply letting go while they head off with friends or Ordell.  I know my kids need adventure and I’m not holding them back.

Helping them pursue God.  Last month our boys were baptized.  It was a great day, and part of me wanted to relax, like the final step had been taken. I’m not resting, though. Middle school happens next year, and I’ve already gotten our older connected with a bible study at school.  Thankfully our awesome church helps as well.  Surrounding our kids with others who will encourage them to love Jesus is part of the process.

Working with college students for 16 years has been interesting.  We’ve seen the results of helicopter parents up close and dealt with the ramifications even more closely.  We strive every day to NOT be helicopter parents! Our kids do chores, earn money, make their own meals at times, and overall are doing more than our college students have done in a decade without assistance.  There are exceptions to every generation and we all parent differently. When you deal with over 100 college students, each year generational norms are present. For more information read this article: How Helicopter Parents are Ruining College Students

I’m encouraging bravery in my boys.  Fear and avoidance can easily change a life path.  Recently the boys started horseback riding lessons. Can I tell you this picture is Elijah’s first lesson and there is clear fear on his face?  When we talked about lessons, he was clear to say he didn’t need them.  I knew better, though, he may not need to know how to ride a horse, but he sure needed to know how to conquer fear.

The deal was that he needed to take them until he was comfortable and then he could stop.  We are way past that point now, and our brave guy loves his weekly rides!

4 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Ways I’m Nailing Motherhood”

  1. After having two girls, I’ve finally got a little adventurous boy on my hands. Thank you for the advice to have fun and not be too protective of my little wild man. I have a feeling I am going to need it!

  2. I LOVE this! As a first-time mom-to-be, I’m encouraged to remember not simply to focus on the positives but to look for the little things there are to be positive about while still taking care of the big things.

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