Friday Fun: Five Favorite Things

I’m linking up with my friend Mrs.Disciple over HERE today!  It’s been a rough few weeks over here in the mountains.  Things are looking up and I’m celebrating the first day of my boys being home for the summer with this link-up post:

Tell me your favorite things to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste this week!

bloodline on netflix

See: Bloodline on Netflix.  I’m sooooooo glad Netflix puts out a whole series at once!  This series had me exercising longer just to see the end of an episode. Bloodline “centers on a close-knit family of four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep brother returns home.”

kari jobi musicHear: Amazon Prime Music I recently upgraded to a Kindle Fire and an android phone.  I also got a Fire Stick for one of our TV’s.  This has been SO convenient in many ways.  What I am loving though is that I have set up worship music in the house and my phone to allow for streaming at any time!  I can also have music playing from my Kindle and it’s all the same account, so no hunting for music as I transition from one thing to the next.  I’ve discovered some pretty sweet new artists this way!

Touch: I’ve got super thin hair that is that wavy/curly style depending on the weather.  This last month I’ve been teaching swimming lessons and have picked back up swimming now that my thyroid is under control.  Although I love being back in the pool my hair has been a mess!  12361007
Enter Pantene Curly Conditioner.  This delightfully thick serum has not only protected my hair from the chlorine but has left my locks feeling super soft.

Smell: Our whole subdivision smells of honeysuckle right now!  The bushes are blooming, and the fragrance is heavenly.  My husband and I have been walking in the mornings, and it has been very energizing.  (My pace quickened considerably after a neighbor told us a black behoneysucklear had been sighted that morning too!)  My favorite part of the blooming of honeysuckle is that attracts hundreds of butterflies of all colors, sizes and patterns.  Yeah for summer!

Tstrawberriesaste: Oh man, is there anything better than fresh fruit right off the vine?  Farmer’s markets are open now, and I have had the BEST strawberries I have ever tasted!  Deep red, perfectly shaped and so heavenly!

I’d love to hear how you would answer this question from Mrs. Disciple!

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  1. I am a HUGE Kyle Chandler fan, so I now have a game plan for my next ironing marathon! I iron as an excuse to binge 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

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