For the Mama’s From a Coach’s Wife

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table today! Here’s a Preview:

As the wife of a college football coach, every year I have a front-row seat to watch eighteen-year-old boys take some of their first steps of independence. Each August I stand before our new families and explain what the football season will look like from behind the scenes. I assure the mothers that their sons will not be only numbers; they will be loved. I also tell them I have a vested interest in loving on their sons—my own, younger boys have lived on the football field their whole lives, and they watch each new team closely.

As the season goes on and I see those mothers in the stands, they always ask a version of the same question: “Is my son making the choices I’ve taught him to make?” It is continually my joy to tell them yes. I understand their concern; I look at my sons, who never put on deodorant or brush their teeth unprompted, and I, too, wonder if they’ll survive adulthood. But when fear creeps in, I look at our team. Sixteen years of football teams have entered my home for meals, chatted with me during away trips and at practice, and have loved on my own sons for the past ten years. Football players were our boys’ first babysitters, and continue to be their favorite ones by far.

Mamas, you are doing an amazing job raising your sons, and I can’t thank you enough. You are raising men who aren’t afraid to show emotion. You are raising sons who know to hold a door open for a woman. Teenage guys may get a bad rap in the press, but I’m here to tell you, when you are back in your home states, you are still on our campus through your sons. Your influence is long-lasting, and because of that, you are helping me to raise some pretty amazing sons too. continue reading here..

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