Lazy to Luxury

I’m writing over at The Glorious Table today! Here’s a preview:

I LOVE iced coffee. Mostly I love iced coffee in the summer, but I also after a hard workout or for a special addition to my protein shake. The thing I love the most about iced coffee is that somehow, we have turned something that could be seen as a product of laziness into a luxury.

Think about it. Iced coffee is really just leftover hot coffee. I like to imagine that the inception of this delectable elixir started with a sweet mama of littles, who decided that instead of warming up her coffee mug for the tenth time that day, to add some almond milk, ice, and a straw, and enjoy a new drink that was less of a hassle.

It may seem silly to think so deeply about iced coffee, but since coffee is something that is a part of my routine, a daily reminder that there is always an opportunity to look at a thing with two different perspectives is valuable