Game Day Diaper Bag Favorites

This weekend I drove a few hours to celebrate with a former staff member at their baby shower. It’s been a few years since my kids were unable to entertain themselves safely at a game. As we chatted about how life with a baby changes the football season I couldn’t help but remember all the preparation that went into each game day with the hopes of seeing at least one quarter of the game.

I mean, seriously, we tried everything we could think of to allow our kid to have fun and attempt to cheer on our favorite coaches. By far the hardest years were the ones with littles who needed naps. I figured out quickly the only way I was going to keep my sanity on a Saturday was by having to do as little as possible to get out the door.

Game Day Diaper Bag Strategy

My strategy for game day actually started the Sunday before the game. I would unload the car and make sure all the things that needed to be washed were added to the laundry or dishwasher.

  • Sort the game day bag and take inventory (5 minutes)
  • Consolidate and reload bag (10 minutes)
  • Place in the car or in a closet so as not to be touched until game day.
  • On Game Day a quick glance through the bag after checking the weather as well as a few minutes to grab snacks was all I needed to do. (10 minutes)

Game Day Diaper Bag Favorites

D3 football stadiums aren’t all created equal. While our home field had a reserved space where we parked our cars near the field allowing our kids to have a napping location a well as a great space to play away from the stands, away games required a bit more creativity. Either way, the goal was always to have the least amount of items possible. Especially with 2 kids under 3, I needed my hands available for kids, not stuff.

I’ve divided my list into a few categories, hopefully, you will find the part of my strategy that works best for you somewhere here. *No affiliate links are present.

Diaper Bag Favorites for Infants:

Diaper Bag Favorites for Toddlers:

  • snacks
  • snack trap
  • disposable cup/water bottle
  • special game day toys
  • spare batteries for toys
  • portable battery pack and charging cord (for cell phone or iPad for the long road trips home)
  • cash for more snacks
  • travel diaper pad
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • extra clothes
  • bottle of water
  • trash bags for diapers
  • lovie/blanket/paci
  • sun hat/snow hat/sunblock
  • blankets
  • On-Guard hand sanitizer
  • chocolate
What to pack in your diaper bag
                                                                                                        Top Game Day Picks

Diaper Bag Snacks:

You will always find snacks at the concession stand, but let’s be real, we aren’t millionaires, and most of the foods aren’t really kid-friendly anyway.

Here are my favorite snack options:

  • Cheerios/Chex
  • Goldfish crackers
  • freeze-dried fruit
  • applesauce pouches
  • Puffs
  • sliced fruit and veggies
  • Cliff bar jr’s
  • Chocolate covered almonds (for the Mamas)

The Bag

The bag you use can make all the difference. Depending on how many kids you have and whether you have to deal with cold weather you might require a large bag. You may also prefer two smaller bags, one for every game gear and one specific for the weather. I always went the route of carrying the same bag and then keeping blankets separate.

Here are some of the bags we’ve dealt with in the stands:

Just remember Mama, your husband loves your presence at the games whether you see one snap or all of them. Keeping the kiddos happy is for your sanity, so if that means bringing along a babysitter or half your toy closet go ahead and do it.

Remember, by keeping things simple you will have less to haul, keep track of, and risk losing.