Annual Guys Weekend

In our current stage in life, Ordell has committed to bringing our sons away each summer for a few days of adventure. When we were working with college teams the time away was more about reconnecting and establishing a solid line of communication before players reported.

Now, this time away happens during the one-week mid-summer when football isn’t happening, making the time away more about uninterrupted time together than anything else.

I would be remiss to ignore the fact that with all my guys away I’m the one who actually gets the vacation during this family tradition, but with a commitment to “make memories” I think all four of us agree the annual guys weekend is one of our favorite family traditions.

Here’s Why an Annual Guys Weekend is Important for our Family

Football takes a back seat while the guys are camping. Ordell does a great job each year of researching a place that is kid-friendly and also has hiking trails with rocks so our boys can take as many climbing breaks as they want.

Cascades, VA
Actual hiking trail my kids conquered in 2015 and 2016

With hiking, star gazing, fishing, campfires and plenty of rock climbing to keep everyone busy my crew comes home dirty, exhausted, and smiling from fun memories. They’ve also had a few days break from most screens and internet, so they are re-focused as well.

These Annual Guys Weekends 

  • Create space for long conversations
  • Create memories between brothers and father and sons
  • Create an opportunity for uninterrupted talks
  • Provide an outlet for adventure
  • Are football free spaces
  • All for rejuvenation

As our boys have gotten older, these trips have included age-appropriate conversations about their stage of life as well as vision casting. As a coach’s wife, I’ve watched my husband pour into hundreds of boys through our almost two decades together. It isn’t a surprise to me that he takes his responsibility with our sons seriously, but the intentionality is something I believe our boys will appreciate more in a few years than they do as they look around their campsite each year for an escape. 😉

How I Take Advantage of Guys Weekend

As soon as my men are out the door, I begin an extended self-care routine. This year I saved one of those giant bath bombs for my days of solitude. Since I can have girl time with lunches or coffee anytime, I try to use my days for things I like to do around the house without interruption.

I may head out for a pedicure and extended workouts, but mostly I eat salads and my favorite almond milk ice cream (it’s called balance people!) pop on chick flicks and rest.

This year I had a pedicure scheduled but ended up skipping it in exchange for more solitude. I also blocked out some uninterrupted writing time. For some reason, my thoughts are clearer in an empty house these days, and I didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away. I always spend some time working, that’s unavoidable, but since I’m on my timeline, I find that I wrap up my independent weekends feeling I’ve been productive both personally and professionally.

One year I spent a significant part of the time getting spots out of the carpets in our rental house. Since that meant a lot of applying cleaning solution and waiting it was perfect. Other times I’ve purged the house in prep for garage sales or moves.

These annual guys weekend adventures are a perfect way for me to seize time for myself and for my three men to connect in a way only guys can. I’m so thankful for a husband who understands the value of time outside of football and for his intentionality with our sons. He serves us well and the memories built over these annual trips are part of the proof!