Happy 11th Levi

 Dear Levi,

coachs kid

Son, you have blown me away this year. I am so proud of you.

This year started with a lot of uncertainty. You quietly trusted that your dad would figure things out. You didn’t ask questions, but you were watching and you embraced our change even though it was exactly what you hoped would not happen.

One of my favorite memories from 2017 is our trip to Pigeon Forge. You are a perfect travel buddy.

Watching you with your friends confidently finish the high ropes course and celebrate the Dixie Stampede rodeo show was such a joy.

You discovered a love for computer coding this month, and I can’t wait to see what happens as you learn and explore.

You did an awesome job of stepping up on the sidelines of the Tiger’s home games.

Your teacher has affirmed your leadership skills. Your classmates have embraced you, but best of all, your heart for the Lord has been revealed through your Sunday school teacher’s intentional homework each week.

Early roots have the opportunity to grow the deepest, and I’m so thankful for the fruit we’ve seen this year.

5th grade will also be marked by some additional fun things. This is the year you’ve discovered a taste for coffee, The Walking Dead, and archery.

Kid, you are one of a kind and I don’t think we could love you any deeper…but thankfully, we have another year to figure that out.



ps- I know you won’t understand this, but that picture at the top…that’s how I’ll always picture you, even when you are on the sidelines in the midst of the players.