Happy 12th Levi

Dear Levi,Levi Walker

Tomorrow you turn 12 years old. It’s hard to believe another year has passed and yet this year it seems you’ve matured half a decade or more.

Your interests remain the same in many ways. Xbox, soccer, coding, and friends are your favorite things. But you are always open to exploring something new too. You are seizing the opportunities school offers with cooking classes, German, and Art. You’ve also enjoyed your guitar classes. I love hearing you practice at random times through the week.

What more could a 6th grader expect out of life? Well, you are ready for spring adventures of camping, hiking and fishing already so I anticipate the next six months will continue to include new opportunities.

This year you took the request to help the football team to a whole new level. Your desire to be near your dad as well as your loyalty to him is clear, but you also did a great job of showing how willing you are to stick with a commitment even in harsh conditions.  You served the team in the pouring rain and freezing temperatures.

Your teachers tell us you are a great judge of character and it doesn’t surprise me to hear that, but I’m glad to know it’s consistent. You also continue to catch on to concepts quickly making your teachers continue to think of creating ways to keep you engaged in class at times.

2018 is also the year you became the second shortest person in our home. Yes, you are now taller than your mom and you are likely to pass up your brother at some point, but he’s still got a few inches on you.

Walker boys

You are attending youth group this year and I love hearing what you learned each Sunday and Wednesday. Of course, your deepest thoughts aren’t quickly presented, but when pressed your wisdom always makes me smile.

I can’t help but notice the similarities you have with your dad. It’s making me take a hard look at the nature vs. nurture theories. I’m not sure how observant you’ve been, but it’s pretty eerie at times.

Still, your dad is a pretty great guy, so if you continue down this path I have no doubt we will see great things from you.

Love you Bud, Happy Birthday.


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