Happy 16 Birthday Elijah

Dear Elijah,

Today is your 16th birthday. Sixteen. I can hardly believe that this is year has arrived and yet we’ve all embraced the milestones that come with becoming a sophomore in high school. Your fifteenth year of life was filled with milestones. You learned to drive and even passed your driver’s test. You made the tennis team at school. You’ve started taking AP classes, and you have begun your first job as a freelance video editor.

Watching you integrate your sense of humor in unique ways while editing videos has been an absolute delight. You’ve proven once again how mature you are for your age as you catch the humor of a discussion between two adults and insert your personality along the way.

You also continue to be a loyal and kind friend and teammate. We’re so proud of the way you choose to live out our faith every day by loving your neighbor and expecting others to do so as well. Your written word through class assignments also reveals your compassion for others. You see value in God’s creation and aren’t afraid others know through your actions or words what you think.

Elijah, you have endured an incredibly challenging year with patience, diligence, and tolerance. We have walked through a lot of unknowns in the weeks and months. You’ve accepted the boundaries we’ve asked you to follow without argument. You’ve stayed focused on your schoolwork and trusted the future would eventually allow you to live a normal life.

I’m so proud of the way you carry yourself through daily life and the man you are becoming. I can’t wait to see all that year sixteen holds.

Love you son.


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