Happy Birthday Levi

family photo

Oh, Levi. I can’t believe today you are 10! How is it possible that you have been in our family a decade! I confess when I think of you I’m more likely to picture two of these images before remembering the young man you are growing to be. This year has been a big one in your life.

happy birthday levi

You were kidbaptized. You are at school for the first time without Elijah. You have a speaking part in a school play. You picked up soccer again and have revealed your competitive edge. Your adventurous spirit still reigns, but you have a dominant desire to be home whenever possible after school.

You continue to grow in independence from your older brother, but you still will send him out in the dark to find a toy before heading there yourself. Levi, you are always thinking. You ask deep questions that remind us that you listen intently and have a great observation ability.

You have a tender heart, Levi. It shows itself mostly with babies. You are sensitive to make sure Stone is happy whenever he is at our house. You smile at him and try to make him laugh when you think no one is looking but I see you, and I’m so thrilled with those moments.

Your favorite things still include video games, Nerf guns and playing with friends. You are a loyal friend, and you will stick up for your buddies when needed.

Today we celebrate you with a cake Elijah made for you. I’m so thankful for the friendship you have with him. Maybe this year you could try to be just a little nicer to him? I mean, he is the one who will head out in the dark when you forget a toy.