Happy Birthday Ordell

Walker Family 2018

Dear Ordell,

Today’s your birthday and we’re celebrating you the way you prefer. We’ll go out for dinner, maybe catch a movie over the weekend, and spend time at home. Three of your favorite things. Celebrating you is easy and comfortable and so much fun because it means we’re always together.

For many years we spent your birthday apart while you were on spring break missions trips. We’re used to taking time to acknowledge the passing of another year at some point in March. The opportunities to celebrate you on your actual birthday are just one more bonus of this current season of life.

Reflecting on the past year the thing that stands out is your consistent presence and availability for a spontaneous conversation with the boys or a spur of the moment date. Your intentionality is strengthening your bonds with our sons at vital ages. I’m so thankful for your unwavering commitment to invest time in our sons as you have so many other young men over the past two decades.

I’ve always believed the way you approach your career impacts God’s kingdom for future generations. I see that same investment in our home as well as you engage the boys in direct conversations about their Spiritual lives and invest in their character development as well.

Your years on earth aren’t wasted, I’m just thankful you’ve chosen me to partner with you in this adventure.

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