How to Lose a College Scholarship

How to Lose a College Scholarship

It’s recruiting season, and even though this year Ordell isn’t the one sorting through game film and evaluating future players he is still interacting with coaches who are on the hunt for the class of 2018 and 2019 in some cases.

Recruiting is a never-ending process for college coaches, which means it’s always a topic of conversation. As we’ve settled into our roles here in the Midwest, several coaches have asked me key questions about our team. When it comes to recruiting, everything is intentional. It’s important to remember that less than 2% of high school football players will be awarded scholarships at any level of college football.

Coaches have massive pools of candidates to choose from, which means they can wait for the cream of the crop. The best candidates will receive the earliest offers and the best offers.

Here are the Quickest Ways to Lose Out on a College Scholarship:

  • Don’t take the ACT/SAT your Junior Year
  • Don’t lift weights
  • Don’t fill out the FAFSA
  • Skip School or classes
  • Don’t take AP or Dual Credit courses
  • Disrespect your high school teachers
  • Disrespect your high school coaches
  • Don’t return phone calls or texts from recruiting coaches
  • Don’t participate in extracurricular activities
  • Don’t be a good teammate
  • Don’t be a team leader
  • Lie to coaches about stats, grades, behavior, or anything they can verify
  • Talk poorly about your current coaches
  • Be stupid on social media
  • Get suspended

This list isn’t exhaustive, every year I encounter a student who has lost out on an opportunity in a new and unique way. 😉 The good thing is that every one of the items on this list is fixable.

Want to earn that top scholarship at your preferred school? Start in the weight room today.