Independence Is Coming

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I’m guest posting over at All Mom Does today!

Dear Toddler Mama,

Right now all you ache for is the chance to go to the bathroom without an audience.  You long for the days when you can have a conversation in full sentences and without temper tantrums.  I hear you! I know your desires and they are valid…but I have to warn you, these days will someday be missed.  Our boys are 20 months apart, both surprise pregnancies left me reeling for many months.  Two boys under age three in diapers was an enormous stress to our budget.  I wished those days away frequently.

I’m typing this in the dentist’s office. Our life now includes after school appointments with homework in the car. This will run up to Karate, so we’ll grab a quick dinner out on the way.  We’ll get home just in time to sort backpacks, pack lunches for tomorrow and say good nights.  If I’m lucky, after dentist appointments I’ll get a few sentences from each of my guys about what happened at school that day.

I’m also tying this a little teary-eyed…. Read the rest HERE