An Invitation to Finish Strong in 2021

I don’t know about you, but after months of hardly having to open my calendar, I’ve had a difficult time jumping back on the hamster wheel that keeps our family running from sunrise to sunset in multiple directions.

While there are many things I hope never to repeat about 2020, there are several things I’m grateful for, including the chance to re-evaluate my calendar.

When all the extra commitments were removed from my calendar, I could breathe differently for the first time. The closest example I can offer is what I experienced when I finally found an endocrinologist who treated my hypothyroidism for the first time. As my energy returned and the dull aches left, I realized how sick I truly was. It wasn’t until I was healthy that I could comprehend the coping mechanisms I’d started to get through the days when I was sick.

Similarly, with a clear calendar, I realized the activities and people I missed. More importantly, I was able to identify the absences I felt relieved no longer filled my time. While it’s very unlikely that we’ll be able to fill our calendar with things that we only enjoy, we often have more control over our yeses and nos than we acknowledge.

So, rather than allowing guilt or peer pressure to dictate our calendar commitments, it’s time to give that calendar an overhaul so we can all continue to thrive in the sweet spots of our callings.

Let’s Finish 2021 Strong and Thrive

I’ve created a free download to help you take the time to re-evaluate your commitments and goals. Then, you’ll figure out how you can continue to thrive in your calling, even if this means having to reduce the energy and time allocated toward that part of your weekly calendar for a few months.

Here are the sections inside your free download:

  • Start with a present-day self-evaluation
  • Identify your current stage of burnout
  • Questions to help you evaluate your calendar commitments
  • Instructions to establish a block calendar
  • Goal setting questions to help you narrow your focus and energy for the next few months
  • A section to write out SMART Goals
  • You’ll wrap up with a section to write out a weekly action plan that incorporates how to meet your SMART goals.

Get Your Free Download Here

Finish Strong in 2021: A Calendar and SMART Goals Strategy to Avoid Burnout and Thrive

I’ve learned that there are seasons of life that are easier to walk through when we focus on taking the next step rather than looking for the end of the path. There are five months left in 2021, and for many of us, we’re discovering that we have to re-learn how to juggle multiple commitments and daily life at home.

In the past, my solution to handle the intense seasons was to place my needs, wants, and dreams last. But do you know what would eventually happen? I would end up resenting my situation.

So, now, I take time to re-evaluate my commitments and goals. Then, I figure out how I can continue to thrive in my calling even if I have to reduce the energy and time I put toward that part of my weekly calendar momentarily.

I hope you’ll find the questions and activities I’ve complied here helpful as you consider how to finish strong in 2021.

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