Keeping Love Alive in Football Season

If you have a spouse who travels for work, you might feel disconnected during those long separations. Additionally, if your spouse works 15 hour days all week leading up to the travel, well, I think you may have married a coach!

When Ordell coached at the college level every season, half the games were played out of state. I traveled with the team as frequently as possible, but the weekends away became incredibly exhausting as my work commitments increased. It didn’t matter if I went along for the game or stayed home and cheered from the comforts of my couch. Either way, Ordell was on the field, and we barely spent time together. It was a work trip, after all!

Now that he’s coaching high school ball, you’d think we have all the time in the world for long dates whenever we feel like hopping in the car. But the truth is, our kids are older, and our schedules are busier. And that’s why we need to prioritize quality time with each other during the busiest time of the year…football season.

Over the years, I’ve found a few things that help me and Ordell stay connected amidst the craziness of the season. Although some of these tips have been implemented at the advice of others, some are specifically what help us connect because our personalities are what they are.

Here’s How We Keep Love Alive During Football Season

  1. Date Night. It doesn’t matter if this is actually a breakfast or lunch out when the boys are is school, a late-night Netflix movie or an actual traditional date. The point is to set aside intentional time away from the office and other people. When we’ve felt like two ships passing in the sea it often means that we’ve skipped a few too many dates.
  2. Snacks. Bus trips can get long, and gas station food at stops can not only get boring, but expensive. I’ve found that spending some time making up a personalized trail mix or even buying some favorite snacks in the store is always appreciated. These little efforts go a long way to reminding Ordell that even when I’m not with him I’m thinking about him.
  3. Clearing the Calendar. Although this one isn’t always possible, I’ve found that protecting half our Saturdays and half our Sundays by saying no to extra activities can go a long way toward keeping our relationship a priority. Busyness can be the death of any relationship, especially one that thrives on quality time. By keeping part of our weekend intentionally low key, we have time to rest and recuperate for the next crazy week.
  4. Being Present. This might mean watching the game to talk about it later or traveling along riding the bus with the team. It may mean working hard to get that extra project finished before Ordell gets home so I can close my computer whenever he’s availalble. It’s never about what is said, merely the physical reminder that I’m choosing to be here to support you.
  5. Writing Notes. Any card store will find the sweetest cards about being apart from a loved one. I’ve dropped a card strategically into the suitcase after it’s been packed to find upon arrival more than once. When road trips are back to back, this can be a nice way to remind my coach weekends apart are never my preference. I also love the Thrive series from Friday Night Wives. The post-it notes are especially fun to see show up in different surprise locations around the house.
Friday Night Wives Thrive Series

In different seasons we’ve read books together, taken long walks, and even traded babysitting just so that we could eat dinner alone in our own home uninterrupted. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do to focus on each other as long as you both agree that you feel valued by your choices and more connected by the time you invest in each other.

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  1. Great tips, even if you husband comes home every night. That intentionality is so important in every marriage. And if you come to the game in Alabama, please let me know!! I want to see you!!

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