Life Purpose and Calling

Pursuing a life purpose and calling is an amazing opportunity to partner with God. As you step into the fullness of your strengths, gifts, and passions you will thrive in your career or ministry. But that doesn’t mean your journey will be easy.

In fact, one of the most important lessons we learn throughout Scripture is that those who failed often did so after they chose to stop listening to the wise counsel of mentors or trusted friends.

Through all my years of mentoring others, I’ve discovered that I’m most passionate about inspiring women to pursue their calling and thrive in their purpose. I delight in cheering women take one courageous next step after another toward clarifying their calling, blooming where they are planted, and thriving in the sweet spot of their life purpose.

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Discover Your Life Purpose and Thrive in Your Calling

Understanding Your Calling 7 Step Actionable Study
Thriving in Your Sweet Spot Action Plan

This word calling means different things to different people. To make sure we’re on the same page, let’s define calling as the non-negotiable thing placed in you by God to glorify him. We begin to understand our calling by understanding and discovering the gifts given to us by God.

Beth Walker, Lessons from the Sidelines

I’ve learned that there are seasons of life that are easier to walk through when we focus on taking the next step rather than looking for the end of the path. Ready or not, we’re entering a new normal. For many of us, we’re discovering that we have to re-learn how to juggle multiple commitments and daily life at home.

In the past, my solution to handle the intense seasons was to place my needs, wants, and dreams last. But do you know what would eventually happen? I would end up resenting my situation.

So, now, I take time to re-evaluate my commitments and goals. Then, I figure out how I can continue to thrive in my calling even if I have to reduce the energy and time I put toward that part of my weekly calendar momentarily.

I hope you’ll find the questions and activities I’ve complied here helpful as you consider how to thrive in 2022.