The Secret Lives of Coaches’ Wives

When meeting new people there are several predictable conversations I expect to have. When people realize I’m married to “the football coach” they ask if I also teach or am a stay at home mom. When I explain that I work as a digital marketer for an inbound marketing agency the next question is always something like “How can you do that and be a coach’s wife?” to which I usually offer a vague explanation about how I work remotely and we do a lot of juggling, and thanks and an understanding boss and flexible husband it all works out.

Once I’ve satisfied the questioner we invariably shift the conversation about football, the staff, the team, and how Coach is doing these days. And while I never mind chatting about one of my favorite subjects it’s always a little disappointing to have to assure people my husband’s job is still a priority for me.

There are coaches’ wives all around the country doing amazing things in their communities. Wives obtain fancy letters for their signatures such as CPA, MBA, Ph.D. They are entrepreneurs running successful businesses as photographers, therapists, clothing boutique owners, and scientists.

Wives are nurses, writers, marketers, dentists, dental assistants, business coaches, educators, administrative assitants, and stay at home moms. And we do all these amazing things while happily cheering on our Coach every day and especially on game day.

The secret lives of coaches’ wives also includes all of the things we do for our teams:

  • Locker room organization
  • Equipment inventory
  • Fundraiser strategist and organization
  • Team treat distributor
  • Sideline cheerleader
  • Team photographer
  • Jersey washer

And while this list highlights some of the most common roles of a coach’s wife you will also find us hosting team members for meals, keeping the team hydrated on the sidelines of games, filming, tutoring, and serving on booster boards. Of course, all of the titles in this list are unpaid positions in the shadows and that’s fine with us!

But here’s the biggest secret of all, begin known as “The Coach’s Wife” is a badge we wear knowing that what makes us the best partner for our husbands is that fact that we balance multiple titles instead of just the one we’re assigned the most.

When we enter the stadium or gym wearing our team gear, hauling our bag of entertainment and snacks for the kids know we’re just as excited as you are to be there, but it’s possible we’ve just wrapped up a full week of work we’re equally proud to have accomplished.

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